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Annual KAFANA “Best Gift-Guide Year-(A)round”!

Kafana Holiday Special 2.0
Serbs Recommend (Mostly other Serbs)

Release date:   December 29, 2021
Director:       Kafana Staff

“Expert picks for every type of everyone!”

@lanabasta  balkanized wonderland in 18 languages
@lindquist.object handmade in one of the original states
@fandimatabklyn pizza you won’t forget
@sstefanovic paranormal for real
@cafedavignon  one word: black forest ham & sea salt butter on a baguette  
@jovanalekovich.md  this one’s forever!
@kiteloopclub  snowboarding in dinaric alps
@rouse_home when you’re done with clothes
@flovernyc back to woodstock
@denic.aleksandar serbian daily on canvas
@ralemicic only love will stay
@dr_rolovic when in transition
@dragonshealthyfood the hills are alive
@cas_namoda instead of stocks
@fitritualnyc no excuses
@nusprodukt turn the luster on
@lemonsandolives mobile kitchen party
@krugrug sometimes, life is tuft
@soschefs plum coated sesame
@yebiga_rakija bill gould still likes this
@bokettowellness curate your pantry
@jessicaleestyling change is gonna come
@balanceronyc queens er
@prairiewhalegb berkshires all year
@bitni_spirs Leave Britney Alone.rs
@kafanicabg deminutive Serb-preme
@iggysbakery covers boston
@candbnyc turkish disco escapade
@jelenabehrendstudio forging extravaganza
@boogiephotographer coffee table upgrade
@rekakaftans garment gourment
@123ciaoshop fall in love
@jovanadjuricnyc be your own superhero



“Of all things, I liked books best.”
― Nikola Tesla

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