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First “traditional” KAFANA gift guide!

Real people, verified goods, great love stories, independent businesses, peerless designs and a distinctive flair, all with an element of surprise. Pertinent to most occasions:  Christmas (Orthodox and Catholic), Hannukkah, Ōmisoka, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Easter, Nameday, Weddings, Saint Days, Christenings, Sucking Ups, Birthdays, Graduations AND MORE! 

Kafana Holiday Special
0 Pandemic Edition
Serbs Recommend (mostly other Serbs)

Release date:   December 18, 2020
Director:       Kafana Staff

Experience Guaranteed!

@almamicic  timeless standard
@jovanamarkovic luxurious fusion
@rekakaftans garment gourment
@jovanadjuricnyc be your own super hero
@istoknyc remember the silk road
@coreydking  foster growth
@123ciaoshop fall in love
@sstefanovic learn to fight Skeletor
@boogiephotographer coffee table upgrade
@candbnyc turkish disco escapade
@jelenabehrendstudio forging extravaganza
@cafedavignon  keep it simple (crnbrry pcn)
@teaobreht  decode the Balkan myths
@buci_nyc intellectual property raw
@haydesign by @teget  control sugar rush
@ralemicic  be an absolute beginner
@majadjordjevic_ most explosive thing from Serbia since Gavrilo Princip
@elisabeautybooth  forbes’ 10 under 10
@cas_namoda instead of stocks
@jprodriguesnyc mark your territory
@fitritualnyc no excuses
@nusprodukt turn the luster on
@mendedancestudio adults only
@lemonsandolives Brooklyn ER
@bilio halloween idea
@viktorshekularatz photo op
@soschefs banana vinegar!
@yebiga_rakija bill gould likes this
@bokettowellness curate your pantry
@jessicaleestyling turn and face the strange
@balanceronyc build your morning routine  
@prairiewhalegb weekend getaway
@vinmonlapin in case of sudden migration
@bitni_spirs Leave Britney Alone.rs
@cvecezla_nevesinjskaunlikely oasis
@kafanicabg deminutive Serb-preme
@iggysbakery just ask for a b-day sandwich
@iggysbread_downunder  covers Australia
@heliosuranus  hire a stylist
@andamasha hire a team of stylists

“I love being around people who care about me, and I care about them.”


I have become a subscriber for 'Business Week.' It teaches me a lot about business, and I have really started to get into it. I'm interested in business and learning about how everything works. -Marko Jaric

Pressure is just bad things for you.
- Nikola Jokic

To build a friendship takes so much time and so many years. To ruin it, just seconds, said Vlade Divac. Make sure you don’t buy a stupid present and destroy everything!


“Come on, is your heart a sponge or a fist?” - Tea Obreht

We are Kafana, a Serbian restaurant in the East Village.  
Get a GIFT CARD, T-Shirt, Wine (at 20+21% off) or Gift-Wrapped Baklava (pack of 4 $30 incl.tax) as our own custom-made Holiday-Gift Options!*

*More personalized options available, call to discuss: 212.353.8000